On Poverty Reduction – Strategy at Work aims to understand if, how and why poverty reduction strategy (PRS) processes reduce poverty.

On Poverty Reduction is a research project and a dialogue, bringing together academics, practitioners and other stakeholders on poverty reduction. The underlying idea is that, when dialogue nourishes research and research nourishes dialogue, we create more opportunities for progress in the right direction.

This website is our hub for mobilizing knowledge to answer the question: Do Poverty Reduction Strategies reduce Poverty? It offers a background, a blog and resources such as the interactive PRS Timelines.

On the Blog, the research team and guest authors from different walks of life offer their perspectives and opinions on the topic of poverty reduction strategies, and (measuring) progress on poverty reduction more generally. Contact us if you want to contribute a blog post  or comment on a post from another contributor.

The interactive PRS Timelines visualize the PRS processes of four Canadian provinces, including background information and links to data sources.

On Poverty Reduction is coordinated by Geranda Notten.